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Name: Susan
Nick Names: Suz, Suzie
Age: 16
Location: NJ
Sex: Female

10 Bands: Spitalfield, My Chemical Romance, The Blood Brothers, Underoath, A Static Lullaby, From Autumn to Ashes, The Promise Ring, Hawthorne Heights, Name Taken, Poison The Well...
5 Movies: Dazed and Confused, The Virgin Suicides, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Thirteen, and Dogtown and Z-boys
5 Books: The Virgin Suicides, The Outsiders, Harry Potter books (i just love em), Gingerbread, and Guitar Girl.
5 TV Shows: The O.C., Friends, ER,  Will and Grace, and Pete and Pete.
Fave Foods: Chinese food and the cuban food my family makes :)
Fave Drinks: diet coke and sprite.
Fave Song Lyric: "Tonight I said goodbye, but I should have said more.Thanks for the best time of my life.Come home, now that you're gone I've finally realized that you were the best.Come home, I won't forget the times that we had, I'm wishing that you weren't a part of my past."- Daphne Loves Derby

5 Worst Bands: simple plan, good charlotte, linkin park, avril lavigne, anything nu-metal...

What Band Would You Do Anything To See: A Static Lullaby. I always seem to miss their show when they come to jersey! This month, i have my best friends sweet sixteen on the same night as the ASL show.
Last Show You Went To: Silverstein, Anterrabae, Bedlight For Blue Eyes.
Best Show Experience (Explain): The first time I saw Spitalfield at Krome. They played the small stage and i was one of the few people singing. I met the band. And I also saw Count The Stars, hopesfall, fall out boy. It was just one of the best shows I've ever been to. I guess it's kind of hard to explain, but it just made me happy.
Describe Your Style Of Clothes: I usually wear jeans, band shirts or volcom/element/independent stuff , hoodies, vans and my converse.
Likes: Skateboarding, going to shows, summer, taking long drives with loud music, and hair dye.
Dislikes: "in your face" people, rap/hip-hop music, airplanes, math...

Emo: I consider emo a type of music. Some people use it to describe a feeling, but to me it's music that I can relate to and music that I love.
Abortion: I am pro-choice. I think women should have a choice with what to do with their body. Pregnancy is a painful and stressful process. I mean, yeah in the end you get the joy of having a beautiful child. But in certain situtions, I think women should be able to choose whether or not they want to have a child.
Self- Mutilation aka Cutting etc..: I think this is a delicate topic. I know, I used to cut myself, even though it doesnt solve my problems. I dont do it anymore. But I mean different people have different ways of dealing with things. Though I wouldnt recommend to anyone that harming themself is a good thing.
sXe: thats totally awesome. More power to you if you dont give in to peer pressure. Being sXe is cool and i def. have respect for people that are, even though i'm not.
War: I dont think its necessary for solving problems. I lean towards being against it.
Drugs: Some drugs are okay. I dont think pot is so bad.

At Least 3 Pics Of Yourself:

A Pic Of Something Else (Can Be Anything, Just To Show Your Cool): I like taking pictures of shoes on trains going to nyc...

How Did You Find This Community: I looked it up.
Promote The Community, Post A Link Where You Promoted It: I'm gonna promote it on my lj. I'm not really in any other communities.
Anything Else You Want To Say? Peace out.

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