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Cheer up emo kid

Name: Eric
Nick Names: Dont really have one... But I've been called Frenchy alot before.
Age: 17
Location: Orlando, Florida
Sex: Male

10 Bands:
1.The Mars Volta
2.At the drive-in
5.The Blood Brothers
8.Brand New
9.Saves the day
10.Coheed and Cambria

5 Movies:
- Solaris
- Waking life
- Vanilla Sky
- Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind
- Reqiuem for a dream
5 Books:
- The truth about forever
- The new world order
- The bible
- The Love book
- The history of WW1
5 TV Shows:
- The ali G show
- Sealab 2021
- Pimp my ride (because it's amazing what they do to these cars)
- South Park
- And usually anything else that might be on. I dont watch TV that often anymore.
Fave Foods: My mothers spanish cooking, Chinese food, Italian, Hamburgers, Apricots, Plums, Chocolates, and anything spicy really.
Fave Drinks: Water, Iced tea, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Sprite
Fave Song Lyric:

"So go on love, leave all the still hope for escape.
gotta take what ya can these days.
theres so much i had, and so much regret.
i know what you wanna say, i know it but cant help feeling differently.
i loved you, and i should said it.
but tell me what has it ever meant?
i cant help it baby this is who i am (am).
and i'm sorry but i cant just go turn off how i feel (feel).
you kill me, you build me up but just to watch me break.
hey hey, hey hey. i know what i should do but just cant walk away."

-Jimmy eat world "Kill"

5 Worst Bands: I dont believe their is a "worst" band. Everyone makes an effort to produce music, and do their thing. It may not appeal to me, but someone else may like it. And so, it's good to them. Its a matter of opinion... Although I can say there are some TALENTLESS bands out there, who I think lack in alot of areas... Like simple plan mabey.

What Band Would You Do Anything To See: Converge. Hands down. The show experiance I had the first time I saw them was absolutely incredible. I have never seen so much energy ever put out before by just one band, and what made things better... The kids attending the show went nuts. It was like as if the music it self had gained control of their bodys, and everyone exerted the musical energy, right there. It was such a rush.

Last Show You Went To: The Blood brothers. Haha! It was so cool. And alot of fun. It was on holloween night too, so the band was dressed up as bananas. I'll post pics.
Best Show Experience (Explain): Probobly would have to be Thursday. I went to see them with Coheed a while back, and I had been listening to Thursday for quite a while, and I loved their music. Such wondeful lyrics. And emotion. So, when I went... I felt that. I knew the songs, I knew the meanings to them, and the relations of them through my life. I felt like I was apart of what was happening. It was amazing, very exilerating. And geoff is a nice guy =)
Describe Your Style Of Clothes: I usually wear tight jeans, with a band T-shirt, and my slip on vans. But it can vary, sometimes I'll wear something colorful, like a bright t-shirt, or a button up. Zip up hoodies, black leather belt with big belt buckle. Thick wristband watch, tight necklace.
Likes: Music, Eating, Singing, Drawing, Photography, Shows, Getting the shit scared out of me, movies, conversation, Personality, really pretty girls =)
Dislikes: I really dislike people who talk shit. I find that very childish, and stupid. Talk about insecure? Kids who talk shit. I also dont like kids who pretend to be something they're not. Fakers. Liars. Cheaters. And flat out jack-asses, or arrogant people.

Emo: "Emo" can be many differant things. For me though, I look at it as just an abbreviation of the word "emotional". I take that seriously because: People start labeling a certain style of clothing, or a certain SOUND of music, or this or that. You take it out of context when you do that. Then people start building this image around it, and identify PEOPLE with that image. And that sucks. Like for example - Anyone who says "Hey those are nice emo glasses/sweaters/shoes/clothes" doesn't realize that none of these things have emotions. It doesn't make sense. That's like saying every person who wears plaid pants is a punk. Real emotional rock, is just the emotional feel radiating from the music it self, the lyrics, and how passionate that person is about what they are singing. But then, if you think about it... Isn't all music emotional in a sense? But, I think for what bands HAVE been labeled "emo" and most other bands that could fit under that label, I like. It's definately nice to hear someone sing about raw emotion from time to time.

Abortion: From a morality stand point, I beleive that If you think you are responsible enough to have sex - Then you are responsible for the child you bring into this world. It's your responsibility. And I think its entirely fucked up that they kill babies this way. As for a political standpoint, I believe that here in America... You should have the right to your own choice. This is land of the free right? It would be unconstitutional NOT to give someone their freedom of choice, and their rights. Especially in cases of rape.

Self- Mutilation aka Cutting etc..: A serious problem. I've known people who are/were cutters. I took psychology for about a year, and learned some things. Some kids do it because they feel that the emotional pain is so strong that physical pain will suffice for it. There are alot of differant reasons. And it can be caused by many things. People who cut need serious help because there is nothing right about it. Its like an addiction, it may solve your problem for the time being... But that doesnt stop you from wanting to do it more.

sXe: For one, I am not straight edge. But, I dont do drugs... Or have permiscuous sex, or get drunk. I can live by those standards on my own, I dont need to be sxe to be clean. Although! I take pride in people who are, I think its really cool, and i like the brother hood thats involved with the straight edge community. I think its awesome that bands would promote a good lifestyle. I just dont like it when kids get xinxyourxface about it.

War: I dont support war, and the mass killing and bombing of other people, and civilians. I think its crude and horrible. Its one of humanity's ugliest assets. Although, for a country to make war, in order to restore peace... Then I think it's valid. Like in WW2, its good we got involved otherwise there would be nothing left of the jewish population. In that case I guess you can justify the MEANS. But the ENDS produce horrible results, shell shocked soldiers, lost loved ones, etc, etc. War is never a good thing, all in all. Alot of times it just causes more problems.

Drugs: They will absolutely ruin your life. It doesn't matter if you are a chronic user, or a light user... (most heavy) Drugs ultimately control YOU. And I would never have anything - not a substance or chemical that doesnt HELP my body... take control of my mind. I think thats weak. If you've ever seen what happens to crack addicts, and exessive herion and pot users you know what I mean. They eather talk about it all the time, or they end up worse. It consumes your life.

At Least 3 Pics Of Yourself:

A Pic Of Something Else (Can Be Anything, Just To Show Your Cool):

Blood brothers Holoween show.

Finishing Up
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