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last time that el jay cut GOT MESSED UP WTF

Name: Heather
Nick Names: Heathertizzle, Big W
Age: Fifteen
Location: Waldorf, Maryland
Sex: Female

10 Bands:
1.) Fear Before the March of Flames
2.) Bright Eyes
3.) The Bled
4.) Saosin
5.) Cursive
6.) Motion City Soundtrak
7.) Before Today
8.) Action Action
9.) Thursday
10.) At the Drive-In
5 Movies:
1.) Jawbreaker
2.) Mean Girls
3.) Sleepover
4.) Napoleon Dynamite
5.) Cabin Fever
5 Books:
1.) Cut
2.) Gingerbread
3.) Scribbler of Dreams
4.) Of Mice and Men
5.) The Perks of Being a Wallflower
5 TV Shows:
1.) Full House
2.) The Surreal Life
3.) Real World
4.) Trading Spaces
5.) Laguna Beach
Fave Foods:
1.) Easy Mac
2.) Meatless Chicken Patty’s
3.) McDonalds French Fries
Fave Drinks:
1.) Grape Soda
2.) Soy Milk
3.) Water
Fave Song Lyric:
Dream baby for me
I'll be waiting here for you
Pack your things, fly to me
Scatter me across the sky
I'll shine all night
And just like a star
I'll fall for you
-In Transit (For you)- MBR
5 Worst Bands:
1.) Switchfoot
2.) Yellowcard
3.) Something Corporate
4.) Green Day
5.) Blink 182

What Band Would You Do Anything To See:
Fear Before the March of Flames
Last Show You Went To:
The Bled & The Used
Best Show Experience (Explain:
‘cause we met Tim Pagnotta.
He was drunk.
He took his diet coke.
We drank from it.
We got sick.
He told us thank you for coming to his birthday party.
Describe Your Style Of Clothes:
Jeans, Jacket, T-shirts, Pumas.
1.) Friends
2.) Shows
3.) Warm weather
4.) Rain
5.) Sleep
1.) Periods
2.) Sluts
3.) Dirty People
4.) Shorts
5.) Cold weather

Emo: Emo is an over used term. But, I like ‘emo’. So whatever.
Abortion: I’m against abortion. Unless you’re raped. But, if you’re just some stupid slut who got knocked up then it’s your fault. Not the babies.
Self- Mutilation aka Cutting etc..: stupid. There has to be other ways to let your ‘pain’ out then hurting yourself.
sXe: psh. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Unless you’re doing it ‘cause it’s the ‘emo’ thing to do. Or when you try to put your beliefs on me.
War:: ehh, if you have good reason to go to war. Then go.
Drugs: I’ve done some drugs. They’re kinda pointless. But, oh well.

At Least 3 Pics Of Yourself:

‘Cause everyone wants to see up my nose.

It’s blurry, but who cares.

And that just ‘cause its cool.
A Pic Of Something Else (Can Be Anything, Just To Show Your Cool):

I drew that in paint. Joke between me and my friend. It makes me laugh.

Finishing Up:
How Did You Find This Community: Someones user info.
Promote The Community, Post A Link Where You Promoted It:
Anything Else You Want To Say?:
Hmmm, I never match.

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have ye a face?
post proof and I'll say yes.
until then, nay.

uhh what?

The bands you listed are awesome.
Action Action owns.
As does Napoleon Dynamite and grape soda.
Saosin is good, I know Beau.

Yes!!! I hate periods too.
because of your bands(both favorite and most hated).

cursive and saosin own me.
I hated your emo opinion
Cutting is not stupid... you need to realize that.
People... well, most people that cut can't help it because it's in their mind that if they cut, they'll be able to ignore the pain they feel inside.
Don't be so ignorant.
Can you give me a good reason to go to war?
And your attitude sucked.
</3 Sarah
yes, because Cut and Gingerbread are awesome books and you're beautiful <3
6 Yes, 1 No...Congrats...
I know it's too late now, but my vote would be no because of your opinions. But props to liking my friends' band.
this may be late.
but your really cute <3