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Cheer Up Emo Kid!

Lets give it a go...


Name: Chelsea
Nick Names: Chel... nothing fancy
Age: 17
Location: New York
Sex: female

10 Bands:
1)Brand New
2)Bright Eyes
3)Death Cab for Cutie
4)The Format
5)Straylight Run
6)Jimmy Eat World
7)My Chemical Romance
8)The Mars Volta

5 Movies:
1)Fight Club
3)Drop Dead Gorgeous
5)Saving Silverman

5 Books:
1)Memoirs of a Geisha
2)Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
3)A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
4)The Perks of Being a Wallflower
5)The Lovely Bones

5 TV Shows:
1)The Brendan Leonard Show
2)Reno 911
3)Saturday Night Live
4)Will and Grace
5)Absolutly Fabulous

Fave Foods: Pizza, ice cream, french fries, Smores poptarts, frosting
Fave Drinks: Diet Pepsi, water, Orange soda
Fave Song Lyric: Hmmm this is a difficult one...
"But I was scared to death of eternity
I was saved by grace, but destroyed by naivety
And I lied to myself
And said it was for the best" -Straylight Run

5 Worst Bands:
1)Creed/Alter Bridge
3)Linkin Park
5)Puddle of Mudd <-- are they even a band anymore?... geeze I hope not

What Band Would You Do Anything To See: Bright Eyes. I love them so much, and I would love to experience the raw emotion live. Also seeing Brand New again would be excellent, they were great the first time!

Last Show You Went To: Straylight Run, Hot Rod Circuit, and Say Anything

Best Show Experience (Explain): Definatly Straylight Run. They put on such an amazing show, and afterward we met the band. They were so incrediably nice and cool to the fans.

Describe Your Style Of Clothes: I usually just wear jeans and some sort of tee shirt with a sweater or hoodie. I get cold a lot, so I usually have to wear multiple layers. And sneakers always.

Likes: Music, Photography, Shows, Traveling, Playing the piano, My friends, Meeting new people, Studying history

Dislikes: People who are rude, slushy brown snow, not meeting my own expectations of myself, seafood, not having money

Emo: Emo seems to have morphed into a whole way of life. The bands you listen to, what you wear, how you look, perhaps even how you act. Though I have heard a lot of people complain, I have to admit that I really don't mind that it is like that. I am glad that there is a group or a sort of "sub-culture" that I can identify with.

Abortion: I think abortion is wrong in most situations. If a woman was raped and as a result became pregnant, I suppose then an abortion is acceptable, but not after the first trimester. If a couple had unprotected sex and the woman comes to have an unwanted pregancy, then abortion is not the answer. Killing a living being because you do not want to take care of a baby is not right. There are other option in such a case (such as adoption).

Self- Mutilation aka Cutting etc..: This is such a terrible situation. When someone's problems become so great that they are unable to deal with them any other way then hurting themselves, something needs to be done. I am not slamming people who do cut or what have you, I just feel badly for them.

sXe: I happen to be sXe, but pretty much none of my friends are. I don't mind that they like to party, and when we hang out they (for the most part) respect my decision to not drink, smoke, ect. I just do it for myself. If you want to drink, do drugs, whatever, be my guest, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

War: I hate war. It seems that there is a way that people would be able to work out their problems without having to kill millions of lives. And in the end, who really benefits... the side that had 100,000 men killed or the side that had 1,000,000.. neither.

Drugs: They seem to me to be a superficial escape from reality. But, as I said above, if you do drugs that's fine with me. Just so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

At Least 3 Pics Of Yourself:

Me with Abe Lincoln in Gettysburg.. this was before I donated my hair (and yes, I'm very short)

I'm on the right :)
A Pic Of Something Else (Can Be Anything, Just To Show Your Cool):

Collage of all things German... I'm going to be living there next year! :)

Finishing Up
How Did You Find This Community: Browsing and a bit of good luck
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Anything Else You Want To Say? No thank you
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no thanks
Hahaha. That made me laugh very hard.
++You're pretty
++Opinions are simply amazing

heck yes i say.
The side that loses 100,000 men wins because they get to pwn the country that lost. I understand what you're saying but sometimes war is necessary. (WWII?! Wtf we destroyed Hitler and those nazis!)

Anyway, your bands were good, but I still say no because I hate it when people spell definitely wrong.
you got to see straylight/say anything. lucky butt.

No reason?
ill say yes....
you seem fairly genuine.
good bands, good opinions (except i have my reasons for pro-choice on abortions) i understand where your coming from. you seemingly put time into this thing.

and finally someone else who hates U2, there so ew...
Ye..geh. I don't know. Everyone here is just exactly the same. I like unique people, and stuff.

I <3 Straylight Run.

-- Shannon
And you know what really got to me? The "What band would you do anything to se" answer...I fucking LOVE bright eyes. <3333 I love you?
You are awesome, and I adore that sweater...or scarf you're wearing in picture 4. :D
It's a yes.
Thanks! Its a scarf that I made. :)

PS I love you too <3

PPS I fucking love your icon!!!
you are cool and you like saved!
It's been over three weeks... am I accepted or rejected??
Reno 911 kicks ass
Anyone who loves Straylight Run as much as I do gets it.
Holy shit..... this application is so old.
I dont even remember what community its for.
(I got a comment notice in my email)

But that was almost a year ago..
look back at it, its funny to see how much Ive change!!


April 19 2007, 05:55:36 UTC 10 years ago