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Cheer Up Emo Kid

Hmm I think I'm kind of afraid to apply here but oh well.

Name: Sarah
Nick Names: Dilf
Age: 15
Location: Manchester, CT
Sex: Female

10 Bands: Hawthorne Heights, Bayside, Atreyu, Bright Eyes, And then I turned seven, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Midtown, Action Action, and Thursday
5 Movies: Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thirteen, Finding Neverland, and The Nightmare Before Christmas
5 Books: Girl, Interrupted, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Notebook, Cut, and The Poet
5 TV Shows: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Everwood, D'Fused, Degrassi, and 4-Play
Fave Foods: Mashed Potatoes. I love them!
Fave Drinks: Chocolate milk, orange juice, mountain dew, sierra mist, and vanilla coke
Fave Song Lyric: "I've got a single silver bullet, shot right through my heart. To prove I can survive without you"
5 Worst Bands: I like most bands but I can't stand Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan but they aren't bands so I don't really know what to say here.

What Band Would You Do Anything To See: The Used. I saw them at the warped tour and they jumped off the speakers into the crowd. It was amazing. I would love to see it again.
Last Show You Went To: Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu, and Funeral for a Friend
Best Show Experience (Explain): The warped tour. My friend and I were in the mosh pit most of the time and working our way to different stages. It was insanely awesome. <3
Describe Your Style Of Clothes: I wear what I feel like. Usually I just wear black pants and a hoodie 'cause I think it's comftorable. People call me punk/goth and it irritates me 'cause I'm really not. I'm myself and that's all I'm ever going to be.
Likes: Music 'cause without it I'd probably be deaad, My friends 'cause they are oh so amazing, Meeting cool people, Just having fun.
Dislikes: People who make fun of people and people who think they know everything

Emo: It's how I feel most of the time. I love it. It helps me understand things better than I would if I was just apathetic about everything.
Abortion: I'm not against it... I think that a woman should be able to choose whether they want to or not. It's their life...
Self- Mutilation aka Cutting etc..: I wish that people could find another way to deal with things, I don't like it when people say that they do it for attention 'cause most likely it's not. Even if that is the fact that they'll resort to it as an option that there is a problem there in itself.
sXe: I'm not, but the people I know that are, are really cool so I'm all for it
War: I'd rather not have war but there always will be so there's not much I can do about it.
Drugs: I hate them. They screwed up so many of my friend's lives. I hate how they are so "popular" and that people assume that you do them just because of the way you dress. If you feel you need to do them go ahead just don't be around me when you do them.

At Least 3 Pics Of Yourself:

^ Me, Steph, and Jes

wow I look like such a poser in this my hand's aren't even positioned.. I'm such a loser

^ One of my friend's party. If you couldn't tell I'm the one with the punisher hoodie

Anyways I'm sorry you had to deal with my ugliness

A Pic Of Something Else (Can Be Anything, Just To Show Your Cool):

This happens when you're bored...

Finishing Up
How Did You Find This Community: Browsing
Promote The Community, Post A Link Where You Promoted It: blunt_razors
Anything Else You Want To Say? Please don't call me ugly I already know it... besides that thanks <33

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you were probably right about being afraid.
- bad style
- didn't like the opinions
- nothing special.
no, didnt find anything out of.